DISCOVER what is really burning you out, and LEARN the steps you need to take to thrive in your business and end burn out for good.  


what's included...

Daily Video Trainings

($999 VALUE)

+ discover exactly what is burning you out and how to eliminate it to create fulfillment again.

+ gain clarity on your goals for your life and business. learn the steps you need to achieve those goals. 

+ be able to set clear boundaries so you aren't texting clients 24/7 and working outside the hours you don't want to work. 

 + learn how to have more courage to do the things you actually want online and in your business.

Daily action Tasks

($597 VALUE)

+ know your financial goals and exactly how to achieve them 

+ set working hours in the salon and office hours to protect your sanity 

+ walk away having made more progress in your business in 5 days than most stylist's do in a year

+ take action as you learn to move the needle towards change in your life and business

2 LIVE Community Coaching Calls/Hot-seats 

($299 VALUE)

+ join the live community coaching calls for accountability 

+ hear other stylist struggles- you are not alone

+ gain momentum in your business through adapting a growth mindset

+ have the opportunity to get one on one coaching with Kenz when you apply for a Hot-seat (space is limited)

private community of like minded stylists ready to 
end burnout

($97 VALUE)

+ 2 weeks access to our like minded color and extension specialist community 

+ accountability from your coach Kenz to finally make the changes you need in your business

+ support and guidance to having hard conversations with clients 

+ positive uplifting community 

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Meet kenz

"I got into color and extensions because I wanted to give women incredible hair but I also thought I'd be able to make more money and work less. That was NOT the case in the beginning.

I had no systems in place to make my life easier. My first few years doing extensions, I worked 12 hour days 5-6 days a week and I was BURNED OUT.  Sure, I was making well over 6 figures but my body hurt and I had 0 personal life.  I wasn't happy.  I needed to REVIVE my career. 

I now work SMART. 3 days a week, 2-3 clients a day.  My year over year income continues to grow. I actually feel good and I'm successful on my own terms!

When I'm home, I'm home and I only spend 1-2 hours a week on all my backend business work.

Success is defined differently for every stylist, but if I can live by my terms of success and fulfillment.. I know I can help you live yours too. "

"I'm no longer burned out at work and I know I'll hit my financial goals without over working myself." 
"Kenz has helped me so much, not just with my business but my personal life as well! Finding out which daily habits to let go of and what new ones to start. 

I discovered a lot about my own fears that I didn't realize were there, which helped me figure out where I wasn't moving forward with my business (and personal life). 

She's so easy to talk to and I feel like I can be truly honest and never feel judged. I sleep better, I work out more, and have made many more positive changes. I'm no longer burned out at work and I know I'll hit my financial goals without over working myself."

—Staci Independant stylist NewPort, CA 

"Could not recommend her coaching program more..."
"Coaching with Kenz feels like an intuitive awakening with a close friend. She is so personable and I can tell how deeply she cares for all her coaching clients, myself included. 

Putting in the work to be my best self feels easy when Kenz breaks it down into small every day changes that are attainable (Especially as a business owner with a packed schedule). 

Kenz is so relatable and someone I've shared many laughs and tears with.  I leave each call with more clarity and confidence to take on each day, week, and month with my best foot forward.  Could not recommend her coaching program more."

—Robyn Salon Owner & Stylist
American Fork, UT

"During her class I realized my worth, confidently increased my prices, and also added a part time assistant to my payroll. Such a game changer!!!"
Kenz's class was such a game changer.  My words for 2021 were, growth and boundaries. I spent most of the year wondering what that even meant.  

Her class showed me how much I've truly grown and am growing.  It also helped me implement boundaries within my business to grow even more. 

During her class I realized my worth, confidently increased my prices, and also added a part time assistant to my payroll.  Such a game changer!!

Kenz has such a gift in her teaching and I'm so helpful it came into my life when it did.  

—Jessica Booth Renter
Memphis, TN

warning: the END stylist burn out challenge 
is not for everyone...

There will be daily assignments that will involve self reflection to see what isn't working in your life and business. These are not easy topics to change unless you are ready to make change in your life. 
If you aren't ready for change and want to blame someone else for your burnout, this is NOT for you. 
If you are ready to make some changes this will be an INCREDIBLE way to change your life and business! 

here's everything you'll get...

  • Daily Videos: A new video will drop each day to guide you through your shifts and assignments.
  • Daily Action Items: To take action and make change FAST
  • Daily Support: During the challenge you will have Daily Coaching and feedback from Kenz and her team 
  • ​2 LIVE Community Coaching Calls: Join the community live for support and momentum. 
  • ​BONUS #1: Apply for a Hot-Seat to have 1 on 1 help with Kenz on a live call. (Space is limited) 
  • ​BONUS #2: After the End Burnout Challenge is over enjoy 1 week of access to Club Revive our Color & Extension Specialist community with Coaching Completely FREE 


$1,992 ONLY $27


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